South Coast Adventure – 3 days

3 days

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Have you been planning a South Coast adventure in Iceland? Witness the raw power of cascading waterfalls like the enchanting Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss. You’ll discover why this region has captivated tourists for centuries. 

South Coast Adventure – 3 days

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South Coast Adventure – 3 days 

The 3-day adventure takes you on a journey into the heart of Iceland’s South Coast. 


Discovering Þórsmörk: A Nature Lover's Paradise !

When planning a South Coast trip in Iceland, you must visit the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts, boasting some of Iceland's most breathtaking landscapes and trails. 

Location and Setting: 

  • Nestled between the renowned Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails. 
  • Offers unparalleled views of mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, and valleys. 

Trail Route: 

Starting Point: Slyppugilshryggur Ridge or Slyppugil Canyon. Begin the adventure at either entry point, both leading into the heart of Þórsmörk Valley. 

Langidalur Hut: Rest and Recharge. We'll stop at Langidalur hut to rest and replenish supplies such as our water bottles. 

Valahnúkur Mountain: Majestic Summit. We will climb the Valahnúkur Mountain for a memorable view of Þórsmörk's grandeur. 

 Return Journey: Volcano Huts. We head back the trek at Volcano Huts, reminiscing about the day's explorations. 

  • A day filled with awe-inspiring sights and memorable moments awaits in Þórsmörk. 
  • After a rewarding adventure, we'll go back to the comfort of the Farmhouse for a well-deserved rest. 

Glamping Farmhouse


Exploring Katla Glacier and Hjörleifshöfði: A Day of Adventure

Day 2 of our journey promises exhilarating experiences as we venture to Katla Glacier and Hjörleifshöfði, immersing ourselves in Iceland's natural wonders and historical sites. 

Katla Glacier Exploration:

Katla Glacier is a section of Mýrdals Glacier, Iceland's fourth largest glacier. Prepare for an unforgettable adventure amidst icy landscapes. 

  • Cave Exploration: Delve into the glacier's mysteries by exploring its caves. 
  • Glacier Hiking: Embark on a hike across the glacier's rugged terrain, soaking in its pristine beauty. 

Hjörleifshöfði Excursion: 

  • Hjörleifshöfði is a historic promontory named after a Viking settler. 
  • Get ready for an off-road journey and a taste of Super Jeep experience. 
  • Activities: 
  • Coastal Drive: Navigate through back roads and rough tracks along the coast. 
  • Beach Drive: Experience the thrill of driving on the beach, adding excitement to the adventure. 

Glamping Farmhouse Retreat: 

  • Comfortable Accommodation: Return to the cozy comfort of our Glamping Farmhouse after a day of exploration. 
  • Unwind and relax in the serene surroundings, recharging for the next day's adventures 

. Glamping Farmhouse


Exploring Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss: A Waterfall Adventure

Day 3 of our South Coast tour beckons with two iconic Icelandic waterfalls, Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss, promising awe-inspiring sights and unforgettable experiences. Remember, these are the most important things to see in Iceland. 

Skógafoss Waterfall: 

  • Skógafoss waterfall stands impressively at 24 meters (78 feet) tall and offers a wide cascade. 
  • Prepare to feel the refreshing spray as we approach its base. 


  • Seljalandsfoss, approximately 60 meters (196 feet) high, allows visitors to walk behind its narrow cascade. 
  • Experience the thrill of being surrounded by cascading water. 

Glacier Adventure: 

  • We will conclude our nature sightseeing with an adventurous glacier climb. 
  • Strap on crampons and hike across the ancient ice, exploring its surreal formations and deep crevasses. 

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Book a South Coast Adventure in Iceland sustainably with Local Adventures!

We will connect you with Iceland’s culture and believe in minimising your carbon footprint.

Small Groups, Big Impact: Explore the beautiful waterfalls, glaciers and other natural wonders with minimal impact.

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Join us on an unforgettable South coast adventure that benefits both you and Iceland. Explore responsibly with Local Adventures!

 The South Coast tour explores the dramatic landscapes of Southern Iceland. Expect to see: 

  • Powerful waterfalls like Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss 
  • Vast black sand beaches 
  • Majestic glaciers 
  • Super Jeep Drive 
  • Volcanic wonders like Katla Ice Cave 
  • Lush farmlands and rugged mountains 

Absolutely! The South Coast is a must-see for any visitor to Iceland. This geologically young region boasts stunning natural beauty, formed by glaciers and volcanic activity. 

This is what our Adventurers say


Domestic trip, cool experience!

Very cool experience, definitely recommended. Harm takes you to places inland where you probably wouldn't otherwise go and the landscapes are amazing. The tents and mats are also excellent, and with a nice group you can make it a fantastic two-week domestic trip!

Northern Lights trip with Local Adventures

Wonderful, pleasant, active trip through beautiful Iceland in the autumn. Very good price-quality ratio, many included, beautiful overnight stays at unique locations, small group and a tour guide who knows a lot about Iceland and therefore visits relatively undiscovered places in addition to the hotspots and can adapt the program flexibly.

Recommended! Tour Iceland with Local Adventures

Just returned from the 12-day camping trip Tour of Iceland with Harm / Local Adventures. What a wonderful journey through a beautiful country! Harm's passion and love for Iceland and for showing all the beauty the country has to offer - including some lesser-known gems - provided an extra golden edge to the already beautiful trip. The flexibility in the itinerary and the nice, relatively small group made it complete. Highly recommended!