Katla Ice Cave Tour

4 hours

easy difficulty

199 - 214 USD

If you’ve always wanted to visit an ice cave, look no further: we offer the unforgettable Katla Ice Cave tour! Get ready to explore South Iceland’s majestic glaciers and ice caves with us and prepare to be mesmerized by the movie-like scenery and jaw-dropping sights that await you on this tour. 

Katla Ice Cave Tour

The Katla Ice Cave, formed within Iceland’s Kötlujökull glacier, showcases stunning blue and black hues. Accessible year-round, this wonder offers a glimpse into the glacier’s heart.

For a more immersive experience, you can also choose 3-day Katla Volcano tours, exploring the volcano and surrounding glacier.

This exciting adventure begins with a scenic Super Jeep ride, offering breathtaking views as we trek on the ice fields. The grand ice walls will tower above you as you walk, leading you to the magical blue and black ice dome. Upon reaching the cave, you will witness layers of ice and volcanic ash of varying colors that create unique stripes on the glacier. Your tour guide will make the tour both educational and thrilling by providing information on the glacier’s history, the ice cave, and the surrounding area.

Departure Options:

Our Katla ice cave tours offer convenient departure points to suit your needs:

Reykjavík: Embark on your adventure from Iceland’s vibrant capital city.

Vík: Depart directly from the charming town of Vík, located near the glacier.


• Starting from 199 USD if you depart from Vík.

• Starting from 214 USD if you depart from Reykjavík (includes transportation from Reykjavík).


New trips will be added soon. Keep an eye on the website!

The Scenic Route:

  • Road 1: Our journey begins on the famous Road 1, Iceland’s main highway.
  • Rugged Terrain: We’ll venture off the beaten path onto a rugged road, leading us deeper into the wild Icelandic landscape.
  • Reaching the Glacier: As we approach the base of the mighty Kötlujökull glacier, get ready for breathtaking views.

Gearing Up for Adventure:

  • Safety First: Upon arrival, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information and equipment.
  • Safety Gear: Crampons for stable footing on the ice and helmets for your protection.

Entering the Ice Cave:

  • Short Ladder Climb: The entrance to the cave might involve a short climb on a set of ladders. It’s a manageable and exciting part of the adventure!
  • Ever-Changing Landscape: Since the ice cave is a natural wonder, the formations you see may differ from other tours. This adds to the unique experience!

An Educational Adventure:

  • Knowledgeable Guides: Your expert guide will ensure both your safety and enjoyment. They’ll share fascinating insights about the glacier’s history, the formation of the ice cave, and the surrounding area.



Super Jeep ride
Visit to natural ice cave
Crampons for walking on ice
Necessary safety equipment
English-speaking licensed guide


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Say Yes to Sustainable Katla Ice Cave Tours 

At Local Adventures Iceland, we’re passionate about exploring the beautiful Katla Ice cave with you while protecting its incredible environment. Here’s how we’re committed to sustainable tourism: 

  • Supporting Local Communities: We partner with local businesses and guides, ensuring economic benefits stay within Iceland. 
  • Minimising Environmental Impact: We prioritise responsible practices that reduce water and air pollution, promoting eco-friendly tourism. 
  • Small Group Tours: Smaller groups mean a lower impact on the environment and a more intimate experience for you. 

Adventure with a Purpose 

Join us on an unforgettable Katla Ice Cave tour that benefits both people and the planet.  

Minimise your footprint and maximise your adventure with Local Adventures Iceland! 



A: Absolutely! The Katla Ice Cave offers a unique experience year-round. However, winter transforms the landscape into a magical wonderland, making the ice cave even more awe-inspiring.  

A:The Katla Ice Cave stands out for its geological features:  

  • Accessibility: Unlike some seasonal ice caves, Katla is accessible year-round.  
  • Unique Colors: The ice displays a fascinating combination of blue tones and black volcanic ash, sometimes referred to as “dragon glass” for its resemblance to obsidian.  

A: While you might find pockets of blue ice within the Katla Cave, it’s generally darker due to the presence of volcanic ash. The blue ice caves found near Vatnajökull glacier showcase a more dominant blue hue throughout

This is what our Adventurers say


Domestic trip, cool experience!

Very cool experience, definitely recommended. Harm takes you to places inland where you probably wouldn't otherwise go and the landscapes are amazing. The tents and mats are also excellent, and with a nice group you can make it a fantastic two-week domestic trip!

Northern Lights trip with Local Adventures

Wonderful, pleasant, active trip through beautiful Iceland in the autumn. Very good price-quality ratio, many included, beautiful overnight stays at unique locations, small group and a tour guide who knows a lot about Iceland and therefore visits relatively undiscovered places in addition to the hotspots and can adapt the program flexibly.

Recommended! Tour Iceland with Local Adventures

Just returned from the 12-day camping trip Tour of Iceland with Harm / Local Adventures. What a wonderful journey through a beautiful country! Harm's passion and love for Iceland and for showing all the beauty the country has to offer - including some lesser-known gems - provided an extra golden edge to the already beautiful trip. The flexibility in the itinerary and the nice, relatively small group made it complete. Highly recommended!

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