What Can You Expect from Iceland Summer 2021?



A co-founder of Local Adventures and guide, Arnar has a degree in physical education and is certified glacier guide. Along with his education he has worked in tourism for 20 years.

We all imagined things differently when we started Local Adventures a few years ago. But unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we cannot see into the future!

But a crisis also gives you new ideas and it is often the case that once you get through it you become stronger. Well, we certainly assume so.

The Dettifoss on a gray day, with a bit of code yellow

Iceland and measures

How nice was the news that the travel advice for Iceland changed from Code Orange to Code Yellow yesterday, May 28?! That is one less obstacle. The Netherlands is currently still on the red list (unless you have been vaccinated), but the reports in the Icelandic media are purely positive! Our expectation is that the restrictions will be relaxed little by little from next week. Not surprising if you look at the RIVM figures of the past few weeks. Let’s hope this was it, for everyone, with this nasty virus.

Check out the latest developments here!

Our travels

We will be adding more trips in 2022, for this year we will mainly focus on the Domestic Tours, Grand Tour and the walking trip over the Laugavegur. This fall we would also like to add another date in October with a new trip to come. We are happy that a number of travelers who saw their trips canceled last year are still coming with us this year. There is limited space on a number of dates next summer and we will see if we can go with a double group.

We can imagine that you might prefer to wait a year, although we are eager to show you beautiful Iceland again! Since the number of expected tourists this year will be about a third to a half compared to 2019 (last year about 1/4), it will once again be a unique and quiet summer season.

Composition of groups

We regularly receive questions about the ages of our travelers and the composition of the groups. This is stated on our website under travel information, but we would like to explain it further.

Our male/female equation has been almost 50/50 in recent years. The average age is around forty years old, with the youngest travelers from their mid-twenties to a number of people in their 50s. Most people travel alone, but friends or couples also travel with us. All with one very important common denominator: their interest in Iceland and its beautiful nature!

If we go with a double group, we have two 4x4s at our disposal or a larger 4×4 bus. We travel together, but divide the groups by age and gender. Since we are always with two tour guides, it is easy to split, for example into a group that prefers a long walk and those who do not.

It’s fantastic to get to know new people on such a trip, but there is always enough time for yourself if you want it. If you are curious about the type of traveler who travels with us and what they thought of our trips, take a look at the reviews on Facebook. Then you will get quite an impression!

Frequently asked Questions

The food

What about your food is a common question.
With the exception of a few times out for dinner, we provide the food. In concrete terms, this means that we do the shopping (together with you) and we provide an extensive breakfast. Cornflakes, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, bread and spreads, coffee and tea. We make lunch during breakfast to take with us for that day.

Dinner is often discussed in consultation, we try to eat tasty, varied and healthy. As a group we cook together and clean up, which often happens automatically. We regularly have vegetarians on our trips and that is no problem at all and we also have a large BBQ with us, so it is regularly lit on such a trip! And you can also barbecue vegetarian, of course.


Do I have to be sporty to participate?
On our trips, a reasonable basic condition is nice, after all we take a number of walks. We are always flexible in that regard, so if you are unable to walk due to a minor injury or want to walk for a shorter time, that is no problem at all. An exception to this is the Laugavegur trip where you immediately walk and gain altitude. For some this is a challenging multi-day trek, but since I spoke to an 80-year-old man last year who walked it with 25kg on his back, I think that if you are in good shape it should not be a problem.


Due to Corona, we have adjusted our conditions slightly: in the event that Iceland decides not to admit travelers, so we have to cancel your trip, we will simply give you your money back. Simple as that! You can of course also opt for a trip the following year, after all you would like to visit Iceland.

But let’s not assume that scenario, we will just travel again this year!

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