Laugavegur Trail & South Coast Adventure – 6 days

6 days

medium difficulty

2869 USD

Experience the stunning natural beauty and unique geological phenomena of the Laugavegur Trail. Hike with us from the hot springs of Landmannalaugar to the glacial valley of Þórsmörk. Explore Iceland’s famous South Coast renowned for its cascading waterfalls, impressive glaciers, black beaches, and capricious volcanoes.

Laugavegur Trail & South Coast Adventure – 6 days

Laugavegur Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in Iceland, and National Geographic has listed it as one of the most beautiful trails in the world. The trail will take you through stunning landscapes, such as colorful rhyolite mountains, black obsidian lava, steaming hot springs, crystal-clear lakes, black sandy deserts, and a lush forest. Who could resist?

The Laugavegur Trail runs through the southern Icelandic Highlands, connecting Landmannalaugar’s geothermal area to the forested Þórsmörk valley.

Our South Iceland journey will take us through the country’s lush farmlands, flanked by rugged mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes. Let’s enjoy the views of the interior on one side and the vast Atlantic Ocean on the other.

You will experience the powerful beauty of Skogafoss waterfall, and hike a mountain pass between two massive glaciated volcanoes, Fimmvörðuhals. You will visit Katla Ice Cave and try out an ice walk. Enjoy a Super Jeep adventure and much more.

For the first part of the trip, you will enjoy nature first-hand, staying in our single-use tents. In the second part, you shall savor the glamping experience at Farmhouse in Vík in Mýrdal.

This trip is English-guided and accommodates up to 16 people.


Landmannalaugar - Álftavatn Lake

We depart early in the morning from Reykjavík to make the most of the day, as the drive takes about three to four hours. Don’t worry - the journey to the Highlands is captivating itself. We will drive along the south coast and by Hekla, an active monumental stratovolcano. Due to frequent eruptions, it earned its name ‘The Gateway to Hell’ in the Middle Ages.

The starting point of the Laugavegur trail is Landmannlaugar. Among today’s highlights are Reykjafjöll rhyolite mountains and the Jökultungur area. Geothermal activity has caused some ravines to turn deep yellows and reds. Those vivid colors are in contrast with the pale sandy hues surrounding them. The reward for scaling Jökultungur is breathtaking views of the Fjallabak region and Álftavatn Lake. We’ll have to ford a river to get to our accommodation at Álftavatn Lake, which is an exciting experience!

Distance: 24 km Walking time: 7 hrs Ascent: 900 m

Camping Álftavatn Lake




Álftavatn Lake - Emstrur

Let’s set off! There is one more river to cross before we enter the black sand plains of Mælifellssadur. We’ll pass the Stórasúla and Hattafell volcanoes on the way to Emstrur. Emstrur is the perfect place to enjoy magnificent views of Eyjafjallajökkul and Mýrdalsjökull volcano mountain glaciers. We proceed to Botnar, a green oasis in the sea of black sand, where we will stay for the night. Don´t forget to admire Markarfljótsgljúfur, a 200-meter-deep canyon with a glacial river along the way.

Distance: 15 km Walking time: 6-7 hrs Descent: 40 m

Camping Emstrur



Emstrur - Þórsmörk

Today, we will embark on our hike towards Þórsmörk. Passing through the Almenningar Gorge near Mount Einhyrningur, also known as Unicorn Mountain, we have a spectacular view of the glaciers. The landscape and nature will gradually transform, with a few trees scattered here and there, giving way to the dense birch forest that Þórsmörk is renowned for. Our accommodation is in a breathtaking place, beneath the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers. You have just completed the world-famous Laugavegur Trail!

Distance: 15 km Walking time: 6-7 hrs Descent: 300 m

Camping Þórsmörk



Þórsmörk Highlights

The Þórsmörk Nature Reserve has some of the most beautiful and amazing trails in Iceland and offers views of the mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, and valleys.

The trail sits right between the two iconic trails Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls. It features all the best views of Þórsmörk and offers versatile terrain. It will lead you along parts of the Laugavegur Trail through the birch woods of the Húsadalur Valley and up to the foothills of the Tindfjöll Mountains.  You can reach the Þórsmörk Valley by taking the Slyppugilshryggur Ridge or the Slyppugil Canyon. At the bottom of the valley, you will find the Langidalur Hut, where you can rest and fill up your water bottle. Then we will climb back up and over the Valahnúkur Mountain for a lasting impression of Þórsmörk before descending back to the Volcano Huts. This trail is marked and accessible. It is possible to extend or shorten the trail at convenient points.

After completing the trail, we will head back to our first night at the Farmhouse.

Glamping Farmhouse



Katla Glacier and Hjörleifshöfði

Let's head off to Katla Glacier! Katla Glacier is a tongue from Mýrdals Glacier, Iceland's fourth largest glacier. We will take our time here, explore more than one cave if possible, and hike around on the glacier.

On today's list is also a visit to Hjörleifshöfði. Hjörleifshöfði is a historical promontory, named after a Viking settler. We will drive on the coast, taking back roads and rough tracks, drive on the beach, and have fun making this a real Super Jeep experience.

Glamping Farmhouse



Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss

We will visit the two most famous waterfalls in Iceland, Skógafoss, and Seljalandsfoss. They are located half an hour’s drive from each other and are both approximately 60 meters (196 feet) high.

Seljalandsfoss is narrower but offers visitors the opportunity to walk behind its beautiful cascade. Skógafoss has an impressive width of 24 meters (78 feet) and we can walk up close to its base to feel its spray on our faces!

As the adventurous closure for our nature sightseeing road trip, we will strap on crampons and climb up a thrilling glacier! We will hike across the surface of the ancient ice and explore the glacier’s surreal formations, deep crevasses, and ice sculptures. 

Iceland’s stunning south coast is the ideal way to finish your time in the country, providing access to everything.

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Wonderful, pleasant, active trip through beautiful Iceland in the autumn. Very good price-quality ratio, many included, beautiful overnight stays at unique locations, small group and a tour guide who knows a lot about Iceland and therefore visits relatively undiscovered places in addition to the hotspots and can adapt the program flexibly.

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Just returned from the 12-day camping trip Tour of Iceland with Harm / Local Adventures. What a beautiful journey through a beautiful country! Harm's passion and love for Iceland and for showing all the beauty the country has to offer - including some lesser-known gems - provided an extra golden edge to the already beautiful trip. The flexibility in the itinerary and the nice, relatively small group made it complete. Highly recommended!