Ready to Rediscover Iceland? Travel Without the Crowds!



A co-founder of Local Adventures and guide, Arnar has a degree in physical education and is certified glacier guide. Along with his education he has worked in tourism for 20 years.

Oh how nice it was to be able to travel again these past few weeks!

The Ófærufoss waterfall at the Eldgjá gorge

After that period in which everything was uncertain, we were allowed to go again. The first trip in July was fully booked and of course we were curious what it was like to travel without the crowds of tourists. It was amazing! In some places it’s all alone and sometimes surprisingly busy with all the Icelanders discovering their beautiful nature in their own country.

It was very cold especially the first week, good to emphasize once again that a good warm sleeping bag is essential. Also on behalf of some participants of this group. Don’t think too lightly about this! If you are not sure, you can always ask us. The comfort temperature must really be below freezing. Due to last year’s harsh winter and lots of snow, there were still quite a few snow fields. So the shoes were also put to the test, especially the waterproofness.

The whale safari was also beautiful

There are so many highlights in this inland trip that I hardly know which photos I should post here. For me personally, as a tour guide, a whale playing next to the boat and the sunset on Landmannalaugar were a highlight. As well as the pleasant group and cooking together in the evening while enjoying a nice Icelandic beer.

We have two more trips planned this year!

The domestic trip of August 17 can still be booked to a limited extent, as can the trip of September 4.

We will then focus on the year 2021 with a number of new trips, including a multi-day trek over the Laugavegur. With luggage transport and a large heated tent for cooking and sitting. You can find more about the Laugavegur in these blogs.

The trip is now online and already has several options!

Furthermore, a tour of Iceland with a tour guide and chef, a trip that we will carry out for a very attractive price with groups of up to 14 people. Also on the schedule is a multi-day horseback tour and a photography trip ‘for beginners and advanced’ with an emphasis on photographing the Northern Lights. You probably already understand that this will be in the autumn because of the dark nights.

Northern Lights at the campsite

Now it is still possible to come and enjoy this special and peaceful season in Iceland.

So book that adventure and travel with Local Adventures, homesick for Iceland guaranteed!

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