What Makes Swimming In Iceland So Special?

Swimming in Iceland

Iceland, a land of ice and fire, offers an unexpected delight: the warmth of its geothermal pools. Swimming in Iceland is a must activity for every traveler. Beyond the glaciers and volcanoes lies a thriving culture centered around bathing in naturally heated waters. Imagine soaking in a pool surrounded by snow-capped mountains, or stargazing from a steaming hot tub. Iceland’s pools are more than just places to swim; they are social hubs, relaxation havens, and a unique window into the country’s soul.

What to Explore on Your Iceland Road Trip?

Iceland Road Trip

Uncover Iceland’s hidden wonders beyond the Instagram-famous spots. Escape the crowds and embark on an unforgettable road trip along the Ring Road. Experience the magic of glaciers, waterfalls, and geothermal wonders up close.

Iceland’s History – Southern Landmarks

Three ravens representing the folklore story of Hrafna-Floki

Have you heard the songs of fire and ice? The epic tales about families that fought, loved, died and on honor, avenged their dead? I mean, of course, the sagas of the Icelanders. The truest fire and ice stories, as they took place in the actual land of fire and ice. These pieces of Iceland’s […]

Birdwatching In Iceland

Iceland at last! You have finally arrived at the international airport, tired, but excited to watch Iceland’s most beautiful landmarks, eat the amazing local food, and enjoy observing the unmistakable… birds? Yes! Iceland is home to many species of birds that paint the sky during all year. Even if the best moment for seeing and […]

The Hafnarfjörður Viking Festival

Rimmgýgur group picture at the Hafnarfjörður festival

It is summer, and the midnight sun will be saluting you on sleepless nights. The air is getting warmer, and all the people of Óðinn’s gallows start hearing the bustling life. The smiths´ hammer striking, the musicians tuning their instruments for the night… The festival of Hafnarfjörður started. The first market was held in 1995 […]

Which Trek & Hike in Iceland Calls Out to Your Adventurous Soul?

Are you ready to discover Iceland’s breathtaking hiking trails that beckon adventurous souls? While many opt for the Laugavegur Trail, true explorers seek hidden gems guided by locals. Uncover three top hikes perfect for a week in Iceland, enriched by tips from seasoned hikers. Dive into landscapes of rhyolite mountains, obsidian fields, and serene lakes, each step a journey into Iceland’s pristine wilderness. Ready to tread where few have ventured? Iceland awaits your adventurous spirit!

Unveiling Iceland Travel Itinerary: A 13-Day Exploration with Local Adventures

Around Iceland - 13 days

Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice, attracts travelers with its dramatic landscapes, powerful waterfalls, and captivating folklore. This 13-day Iceland travel itinerary by Local Adventures delves into this otherworldly island. In this blog, we will weave together a story of breathtaking sights with the history, myths, and legends whispered by the wind. Read on […]

Is the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland Hard? A Breakdown for Hikers

Planning Your Laugavegur Trail: Difficulty, Terrain, and Tips Many tourists believe and rightly so, that it is the adventure of a lifetime to go on the Laugavegur trail. It takes you on an unforgettable journey from the hot springs area of Landmannalaugar to the breathtaking glacial valley of Þórsmörk. You’ll be amazed by the incredible […]

What are the Hidden Secrets of South Coast Iceland?

South Coast Iceland

Beyond the Breathtaking Waterfalls Have you ever wanted to explore South Coast Iceland? Iceland’s South Coast is a young and vibrant region, shaped by ancient volcanoes. You can experience the excitement of exploring the South Shore and then marvel yourself with a road trip to discover the wild South side of the Nordic region.  If […]